Depot Academy Producer Camp 2017


It’s official!!  Registration for my first music producer camp is now available!  This camp has been in the works for the past 6 months or so and I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach and mentor.  Huge thanks to the homie Brotha Newz for seeing the vision and helping me organize.  I will be holding 2 camps, June 2017 and July 2017. Only 8 students per month tho’ so register ASAP to secure your spot.  I’d love to have more students but I want to be able to have more one on one with each student.  Camp will be held for 4 weeks, three sessions per week; experience and interests will pair students. Native Instruments Maschine will be provided for students’ use while attending sessions.

Camp information pdf  DOWNLOAD

To register fill out and submit questionnaire form HERE

Start dates:

June 2017 Camp 6/5 – 6/30

July 2017 Camp 7/1 – 7/31

May 22 2017 (June Camp Registration Deadline)

June 12 2017 (July Camp Registration Deadline)

– Con



Having Fun Again

Last year was crazy busy for me and I feel like I sat on alot of music– Shoot PositiveVibesMatter was done around March last year but I kept sitting on because of the blacklivesmatter movement.  I didnt want to seem like I was just riding that # tag although it inspired the name of the project.  I really feel like I am back at a place were I am having fun with the music– The last time I was this happy making music was around the cartoon beat emporium and Dom Larue EPs (2009)

All glory to God my G– Im over on IG creating mini loop videos similar to how did the Cartoon Beat Emporium so swing thoo @conductorwilliams

So many plans for projects this year that are already in the works:

Show- T1000

HeartFelt Anarchy



StikFiga EP


Blessings to you all


ConductorNotes No.323 #PositiveVibesMatter (Instrumental)



It has indeed been a while since ive dropped new music!!  So many things have changed in my life!  For those that havent been following me on twitter or IG– I met a beautiful woman that I love very much and we have settled down and are now new parents!!  Being a parent is the most awesome challenge Ive ever had.  I also went back to school for audio mastering and that was a doozy too sheesh so much math and science, but overall it has made me a better music producer and Im stoked to share my services with those that need it.

I started this EP a little bit ago and have been sitting on it.  My man Ryan down at Mills Record Company laced me with about 15-20 soul gospel records from the early 1970’s– ABSOLUTE HEAT!!  My goodness.  Also while out in Oakland I visited Vamp Records and cop’d a few soul gospel records too.  Before I knew it I had a full crate of these gospel records and finally got time to sit down to listen.

These albums were so anointed!!  The songs were so soulful and positive–  I decided that I would take more of a Donuts approach to the instrumentals and chop and loop vocal phrases to create mini mantras.  I wanted more feel than bang– I also wanted this instrumental to be a quick reminder to you, a reminder that prayers (positive vibes) are important and God is listening.