Dilla raps.

last night at future funk the homie dstroy was playing the live shit.  Then he drop dillas fuck the police–i tweeted that i love dilla raps more than dilla beats.  10 min later i check my twitfon and i had 7 DM’s about how dilla cant rap– first off they felt they had to dm me…haha like..they couldnt just @ reply? 

my reply was alil hexmurda-ish– “every nigga that think dilla cant rap- unfollow me now”


Of course im a fan of dilla beats, but i respect him more because of his raps.  Its not the bars!!  Its his delivery…the most simple lines he made into monsters.  As a producer dilla has influenced me but honestly im more of a madlib fan beat wise.  As far as rhyming Dillahas helped with my development and growth as a rapper.  You know when dilla feature on a track he gonna be talkin his shit and hes gonna find the perfect “space” within the beat & ride it



peace to jay dee and the whole dilla fam

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