RTL- share ya love

In my last journal entry post i was tellin yall about the RTL project– Its gonna be some amazing shit!!  I wanna let yall in on it but…. youll hafta wait!  haha! 

Heres a joint we did a while ago– it was featured on my just add water mixtape which got review’d by okayplayer.com– peep the joint its called share ya love.

click the pic to listen

share ya love image


For all my late/slow peoples–  RTL is a group made up of me on the beats and raps & my homie rhymedy on raps.  we formed RTL about 3 years ago on some just cause ish haahah.   Rhymedy would come over to the crib, i would be on the beats and he would rhyme. 

For yall that have purchased battery effect or downloaded it– RTL is featured on it.  Also we were featured on the midwest broadcast mixtape as well as the illroots x subconscious threads mixtape joint.

In late October we will release our first alum– “the rebuke”

stay tuned

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