Hello Goodbye break down

I am very happy that people are responding to HG, cause we didnt really expect for heads to be checkin for it! From a production standpoint i just wanted the record to show my range as a producer, and also be open enough for stik to shine through. Producing full lengths albums are very tough because you dont wanna have the album sounding like mush to where every joint is exactly like track # 1 on the disc. 

While working on the joint i listend to lots of madlib and the college drop out lp… not for inspiration for the album– but cause thats the type of mood i was in for about 4 months.  Had to keep it soulful and im glad i finally click up with the homie stik– back in 2005 we met and chopped about doing a project but never did. 

Im back to work in the lab on tracks– that will hopefully land on One be lo album, and Outasights projects ++ Battery Effect 2 and a follow up to hello goodbye

For my free ringtone (soultone #004) im going to make it a instrumetal from hello goodbye– let me know which one yall want!! And ill make it happen

thank you all so much

– Denzel

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