OutaWill Sessions (freEP)

1st of i wanna say what an honor…2dopeboyz have been holding me down and pushing me for about 2 years now.  On some real shit– this site has been career changing.  Knowing that thousands of people will click and preview/download my art  is part of  my motivation.  Often i get emails from fans saying they found me on 2db–  and that shit makes me get into the lab asap.  when i first was featured on the site it was amazing cause i was “2dope to sleep on”  and the track that got posted was “the seen”– it got a couple hundred downloads,  then i decided to hit um with my “on & on ” badu remix and that junt did 30k and counting!– after that i was like YO people are checking for me and i dont wanna let um down.   And thats basically my mindset while in the studio– make dope shit cause dope people deserve it.

No matter where my career lands me i will owe alot to shake & meka over at 2dopeboyz.com

The latest is an EP, Meka did for me and my man Outasight– its called the OutaWill sessions– its just a collection of past joints that i produced for OU.   A couple of the joints date back as much as 2 years– hope yall enjoy! 


love is everything–

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