It’s interesting how people always wanna start life out new on January 1.  Life doesn’t start over people!  Be thankful for ur daily bread.  At times I feel that wants override faith and needs.  Nobody lives forever– and nothing is promised.  So enough with the “2010 is mine” and the “maaaan I’m on it in 2010”–Just live & pray for the moment… Cause your only worth what you have used for the day.
I love y’all and will continue to contribute and pump soul into my art untill I can’t–

Dont get it twisted though!  I am very thankful for all my blessings this year.  Stik figa and i created an amazing album with “hello goodbye” and got some eyes looking in on our city.  Also the homie Outasight got a major label deal with Warner Bros.  So the chips are lining up and falling in place. 


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