Cartoon Beat Emporium

CBE is an idea that Jane and I came up with a while ago.  Most of the time our TV is on the Food Network or on Cartoon Network, hahaha! 

We were having this dope convo about all the illest cartoon shows back in the day– so we made a huge list.  Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out how to approach my instrumental project. So I decided to put the two ideas together.

All I’m doin is choppin old cartoon videos, muting the volume and adding my beats as back drop music.  The cartoon really has nothing to do with the beat. LOL!

I bet your wondering how it ties together?  Well, when I was younger I shared a bedroom with my older brother, Mac.  Saturday mornings I wanted to watch cartoons and he would wanna bang the radio!  So moms would make me mute the TV so he could hear the radio. The result:  me watching Scooby Doo while listening to Rakim, De La Soul, Tribe, EPMD, NWA, Doug E. Fresh…ect.

I love my brother, so in a weird way this is kind of an ode to him, for influencing me. So while you’re jammin to these joints, you can thank him.

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