Beat Emporium Rundown

I really didnt think tha the cbe was gonna be such a success. I honestly thought that most of the videos would be over looked, but I am so thankful cause y’all have been supportin them like crazy.  It’s been a dream of mine ever since I heard donuts to compile an instrumental album.  Never really knew how to go about doing it though.
To me donuts was the perfect instrumental lp…. It’s just felt so right. Although it wasn’t a themed by a certain sound the feel of the record made it an lp. I love the madlib beat konducta series but sometimes them joints are so random–  all the songs just get jumbled up and by the end of the record I don’t feel like nothin!
I want to cross the two styles because to be honest those two cats (dilla & madlib) taught me!
I got plenty of beats that I wanna use for the CBE but really need to figure out how imma present it to y’all.  I kinda want the joint to feel like un finished, un released record… Almost as if the listener has been granted access to my hard drive. Ive been nit picking this project– but when its ready to go ill be very proud of the final product.
SUPER SHOUTS to all yall that downloaded the alive and well w/ stik figa– shit was jammin right?!
Next: Beat Emporium
Then: “Labor” w/ one be lo
Then : what ever god wants me to do next


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