eh…um why Emporium?

So Ive sent the beat emporium around to my contact group for them to jam (and give me feedback).  Couple of the homies was like “eh…um..why Emporium?”  So I figured yall were thinking the same thing.  Emporium for me has always meant a place of storage–  According to wiki– Emporium (medieval Latin from Greek emporos = ‘merchant’) is a term used for a store selling a wide variety of goods, and for marketplaces or trading—  isn’t that awesome!!!  Totally how I feel about these small beat snippets and how ive compiled them–

Above is a picture of an antique emporium– look at all the crap in that place!!  But as you look at the picture as a whole it makes sense and feels right.  I’m so pumped right now!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for y’all to hear this shit!  9.30.10

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