Ey yo found this on an old hardrive– it’s from 06′ or 07′ whenever stones throw re released Dilla’s ruff draft.  I cop’d it and was pleased to find out that it had the instrumentals with it too!! So i went in on one verse and let dil’s second verse ride.  Ive always been in love with jay dee’s flow so this was the perfect opportunity for me to feel like we were on the same track together– I actually flip’ed the whole album and titled it ruff draft 1.0 and put it on my myspace page– when it got to 1000 downloads i took it down.

If enough of yall want it ill through it back up for a lil bit-

This is a project where i can definitely say i was getting better as an emcee and beginning to own the fact that i could rhyme and that other people like it!

Thank you Jay Dee- The greatest rapper/producer to touch a MPC 3000

Jay Dee- Wild + D/WILL- Wild


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