Les IZMORE- #Plank

Took me a min to figure out planking– But with help from the homie izmore i figured it out hahaha.  After spending a short conversation about planking les was like “yo lets make a song about it and have a lil fun”… so i quickly loaded up the asr 10, he started writing and this is the result!

hahahaha a lil surprised by the beat!!!  Not my usual steez but its honestly a throwback to how i made beats when i started.  Early on in my beat career i never sampled i rocked mostly korg boards– for like 3 years!  then i cop’d an mpc and found my style.  Lots of blog/mag reviewers and friends say my sound is dilla’ish and although i have a great love for dilla… .. . madlib is the man!!!  But at the core as a shorty,  three-6-mafia made me feel like i wanted to make beats– mos def a major influence.


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