Dominique Larue- Circulate.w/ producer notes

New music from Dominique Larue!! We been working on our album Diem since the beginning of the year and its gonna bang!  For the lead single i sampled Billy Paul’s “let the dollar circulate”

I met dominique larue on atleast…5 years ago maybe more!!!  The first song i heard on her page was her snapping over the 9th wonder version of billy paul’s “dollar circulate”

She absolutely killed it too!!!  We built a music relationship and she flew to KC and rocked a crazy show at the 9th street peanut.

Ive always wanted to sample this record but was kinda afraid of it because of the way dilla flipped it!!!

Dillas version is just…just.. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

BUT as an ode to how I met Larue I stepped up to the challenge.  I took my time found some different places in the record to chop and landed on the “can you back it up” phrase.  The Bells stood out so i chopped and drummed–

Hope y’all enjoy!


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