#WillPower 47

Late 2010 I found myself battling with my spirituality.  I was raised a Christian but never explored it for myself.  Maaan I got tired of just “going along” with my Christian roots and began to seek and explore god– in my own way.
Im still very much a believer and follower of Christ, but not bound to any modern religion or prosperity driven Christian extremist.

I’ve met so many great people during this journey and have had so many amazing conversations!

One of my goals for this year was to share my thoughts, ideas, questions, and explorations with you.

Welcome to WillPower

willpower 1

And Abram believed The Lord, and The Lord  counted him as righteous because of his faith. (Genesis 15:6 NLT)

Definitely something I’ve struggled with–  trusting god is the easiest yet hardest thing to do!  Lol! It’s another level of faith, a mastery level that takes time to develop.  Prayer is an amazing tool but only if you believe it.  Prayer and fear cannot co exist! Once we put it in gods hands we must do just that!
As humans we get trapped (trap ourselves) In what others expect or social norms.  God has no interest in that.  The soul (our spirit) has no interest in that.

In the study of organizational behavior Victor Vroom pin points this with the expectancy therory.  The expectancy theory simplified is what you “expect to see”.  This is how one can pray and pray and pray and when they don’t see the expected results they fall into depression or disbelief. Or like…when a person gains 40lbs in 2 years then expects to diet for 6 weeks and lose it all– and when they dont meet their target weight they quit.  Time–

Have you ever looked at your friends or co workers blessings and wonder why god hasn’t done that for you?  I have plenty of musician friends and we talk about this often!  We be like “homes aint even that dope!  How did he get on that blog or in that magazine or get on that track” LOL!!!

What god has for them is for them, and what he as for you is… for YOU!  Thats faith!  Knowing that while god is working– we are alive, thankful, and doing all we can to enjoy life.

Escaping the Trap:

Eliminate gossip from your conversation.  Speak truth, uplift, and be positive– communicate with god and know he has plans for you.

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas?

Live.  Laugh.  Love.   Die





One comment

  1. Great post brother. I feel like you said and I am a firm believer in that you are were you are supposed to be in life. you are on your own time line! When a person is born and when he dies it is written “0000-0000″ It’s what you do in between that time”-” that counts.
    PEACE and Blessings

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