TSAF: The Complete First Season

tsaf season 1

Television viewers World Wide have been spurned away from creative genius a plethora of times in the realm of Cable Television. A bevy of Sitcoms are struck with the proverbial death blow before their Writers and Cast have a chance to further blossom. Among these short lived shows, there are still a few that seep through to the visual pallets of the masses to be reborn into infamy. Among these, is a Series that never aired and once existed in vague anonymity, TSAF: The Silent And Forgotten. Having quickly developed a rising cult following, the Series will be re-released as a Box Set covering the lone lost Season. Included in the set, will be each of the Four Episodes as well as exclusive deleted scenes. Adding to the grandure of the Series, is the ultimate gesture in making the Box Set available for all fanatical followers on dwillbeats.com, for just $2.99. In correlation with the release of the Box Set, there also will be a single airing of the controversial Season Finale, ‘More Than A Sole.’

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