Fly on the wall sessions

Fly-on-the-wall session


I wanted to give all you’ers some more insight to my production process!  You know I always wished that I could see how some of my favorite producers move around in the studio.  Like, I dont wanna know the magic behind the music– I just wanna see how they move and conduct sessions.  So I figured I would let yall in on how I move if you ever wondered .  Sheesh… .. . Im pretty sure Imma embarass myself at some point lol.  Low key though,  I dont think my process is different than any other producer, but ill let yall be the judge!  Most importantly this is me carefree & happy!

Never know who you might see in a session…. .. . Stik Figa, Les Izmore, Milk Drop (probably more than others lol), Gee Watts, Steddy P, One be lo, Dominique Larue, Remy Banks of World’s Fair maybe… !!! This content is exclusive to this site just for y’all along with free beats, drum sounds and freestyle rhymes videos!   Share with your friends and “like” on Facebook

Fear is the new adventure.


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