#TBT Bill Nye & Tragik Johnson: Scarlet Aid

Back in 2008 the homie Smoov and I were linking up and doing music just about everyday!  Smoov is a super talented vocalist/emcee from kansas city– but anyways.. yea.. Smoov and I were linking a lot and making music that was very much outside of the box of our hip hop scene.


Smoov was getting into more of an alternative rock sound and I was expanding my Mpc palette to live instruments and such so we decided to start a group called “Bill Nye & Tragik Johnson”.  We created about 25 songs!!  And then… .. just stopped creating lol! It was totally one of those “season” times–

Every thursday imma release a joint for y’all from our unreleased project “If only you had robot ears”  Here is the first song we created for the project “scarlet aid”

Ill never forget… I had just bought a Yamaha RBX170 bass from cash america pawn for $55  It was a righty (I’m a lefty) so I was having some difficulty finding notes and modes

flipped out my  T-Mobile side kick lol and hit smoov we linked and this happen



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