Need Beats?!!!??


5 FOR 5 FLYER 2Over the past couple of years Ive had plenty of Dms and @ replies about how to get beats from me.  Im the kind of producer where I enjoy creating projects so I tend to sway away from sending out random beat tape loosies.  After numerous talks with my manager we have decided to reach out to y’all!!

Ive compiled 25 beats and made 24 new beats to be added to one batch of non exclusive beats for you!!  5 beats– $500 dollars is a great deal!!  My exclusive rate is…lets just say for $500 dollars you’d probably only get one beat.  The beat sale begins on 3/24 but I understand “life” and want to allow y’all to get ya bread up before the sale begins.  My team and I will be running ads for the first 3 weeks of this month so inquire early, pick your 5 tracks, and at the end of the month cop!

Email with the subject line “D/will beats”  include in your message your name and a website for me to check you out (ex. soundcloud, band camp, twitter..ect)

I kind of laced this thing with some bangers too lol!!  If you been visiting the site often then you are familiar with my D/willstrumentals– those are sneak peeks to the type of beats on the tape.  There are all kinds so if you are vocalist there are some neo soul type jawns on there– sample and sample free instrumentals also grace the tape.

Cant wait to hear from you!


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