#TBT RTL- Graffiti


Before the all the records in my discography– I was part of a rap duo called RTL with my homie Rhymedy…this is circa early myspace days.  We would kick it about everyday write raps and make songs.  I met Dylan (Rhymedy) at a community center I usta work at– He was a super quiet dood, yet had a very rough sensability…. we clicked, he told me he did spoken word but never really thought about rapping for real.  Meanwhile that was what I was all about!!  I was developing a pro like pocket rap style and was writing everyday so I was super sharp.

Anyway, as we began to kick it more often we decided we were gonna make an LP and push it.  Dylan had that hustlers mentality he was all about the city grind and spreading the music like dope, which helped mold my current mentality.  Fam, everyday we would work in my apartment with no outside ears!!!  We didn’t care if people liked it– we were trying to impress and out rap each other!!

In about a 2 year time we finished our project but with in those 2 years he started seriously dating his girl (wife) And I had just been heart broken by my high school / college sweet heart– so I was burying myself in beats to numb the pain.  Also during this time I linked with Outasight and we blasted off into internet world MTV, VH1 success and all…also I met Stik Figa around this time too– Stik and I met on a lil chitlin like circuit with the homies Ces Cru.  Nearly 2 more years pass and Dylan and I had lost communication..no beef–we were just doing our own thing.  I could tell that our debut album was never going to be released!  He was finna get married and I was out trying to build a fan base.


The chemistry with Stik Figa was super thick, almost like Dylan and I but with Stik there was somn different.  He is in my top five favorite rappers of all time but our rap styles dont match– so being in a rap group with him wasn’t gonna happen.  Although, me on the beats and him on the rhymes worked perfectly– so all those RTL songs I killed and pitched the beats to Stik.  He was blown away!!  I gave him those beats on like a monday and by the next monday he had wrote to all of them– and that created our first album “hello and goodbye”

A few weeks ago I found all of those RTL drafts on an old hard drive!!!  So in the following weeks imma share them with you all.  These joints are amazing!!  Im super blessed to have had those years of creating with the homie Rhymedy, and as I gear up to mix then release my new project “Reset” these joints remind me of the road traveled.

peep both versions !  Which one do y’all like?!  I mean Stik bodied!!!!!  but we kinda played wit it cypher style.

RTL- Graffiti

StikfigaxD/WILL- Goodbye



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