#TBT RTL part 2- Intro (Via London)



Today we will continue the RTL #TBT(2008) mini series with this joint!  We were about finished with the project and we realized that we didn’t really have an intro.  I chopped up a few records and made beats for an intro but nothing was working– everything I made seemed rushed and stale.  I decided to take a break from the beats and hit up a pawn shop (at the time I was on the hunt for a lefty bass guitar).  When I arrived at the pawn shop the first thing i noticed as I walked through the door was a mircokorg!!!  I was so excited, but kept my cool as I played with the synth.  The sales associate walks over and says “name your price young man, that thing has been here forever”.

I could tell he had no idea what I was holding nor did he know its worth so I replied “…man for this junker i’ll give you fifty bucks”

He took the deal and I left the store super pumped, got home plugged it up and added a baseline to one of the beat I had made earlier that day!  Rhymedy came through I had the beat playing and we wrote and recorded this!!


Stik heard this beat and immediately thought banger!!  Originally it was suppose to be Stik on the hook, but during the final mix down I didn’t think he sounded that good and decided to redo it,  I figured a different voice would add a bit more texture to it and my voice has more growl than his.  Stik Murked!!

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