Reset Update 30



My project “Reset” has entered the mastering phase– Im so nervous.  Im such a hands on type of cat where it feels weird not being apart of this process 100% .  Although,   I have one of kansas city’s best mix and master engineers working on it.  Justin Mantooth is a monster on the boards and he understands the sound I want.   Met with him last week we chopped about music and life– he told me some awesome Ideas for the mix down .  If all goes well…then the album will be released digitally 7/21/14 !!  RESET!!!  10 songs — Until drop date imma give y’all as much of the inside content as I can.  This record means a lot to me because its my story of why I need to slow down my life and ultimately- Reset.

I really wanted to connect and listen to god during the process of making this record.  I wanted the process to be pure and every time I felt that external factors were influencing the music– Id shut down for a couple days, reconnect with god, reset and restart the process.  To get a better understanding of what I’m talking about check out my “kill me” single from a few months back.

Of course Reset is full of soul– but not entirely like my “lamb and lion ep”.   Reset definitely has some banger moments on it and some of my best pocket barring to date– can’t wait for y’all to hear it

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