Reset Lp artwork & tracklisting

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 4.17.14 PM

reset back cover


Can’t wait for you all to hear this album!!  7/21/14 iTunes and all other digital outlets will host this record– Ive yet to set a price for the album but it will be affordable. Member on the old school nintendo and sega how sometimes the screen would just flip out and you would haft reset it?!  That was the inspiration for the album cover.  Peace to the homie James Ramirez on the artwork, homie is a beast and I’m blessed to have him as a friend and collaborator.  Also, Peace to Kustoo for the killer verse on “nowhere to hide”  we will link again in the future my G!  Peace to Wanda Jae for her incredible vocals on “Crucifix pt 2”.  This fall Wanda and I will be releasing visuals and singles from our upcoming project.  Wanda is an amazing talent I’m very honored and blessed to be producing her debut album.  Finally Peace to Justin Mantooth for the awesome mastering on this thing–  Ive never had a record mastered, normally I just do it myself with the mix experience I’ve gained over the 8 years of creating.

“Reset” is very layered!  As I have stated in previous posts– Ive taken my time with this process of creating this record from the raps to the beats.

Stayed tuned

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