RESET DROP OUT + Journal Entry: “Let Me Work”

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 4.20.35 PM


This joint is a pretty revealing one lyrically and was a last minute cut– I mean the day I delivered the flash drive to the mastering engineer last minute cut!

Maybe 3 years ago or more Izzy (heartfelt anarchy) and I played at the american royale here in Kansas City.  This was pre what heartfelt stage show is now, no mask, no lights, no finger drumming, just Iz rapping and me behind turntables.  We rocked hard that night tho’! — so hard that they asked me to dj for a while after our set.  After our set the promoter approached Izzy and I and said “Marc Ecko is here and wants to meet y’all in his trailer”


I was so excited!!  You know how much money I’ve gave him in the early 2000’s!!  Marc is a legend–

Anyway we meet him in his trailer, he told us we were dope– Homes was super humble and seemed genuinely interested in our music.  He looks at me and says “your the producer right”  I kept it cool and replied “yea– I have more where this come from!  Tons of beats my man…I would love to work with you– have you ever heard of ”  and a list of pointless artist name drops that he had never heard of.

“you have a card”

“damn I dont”

“get some paper… write down your information” he replied and waited patiently while I jotted down my info.

We left his trailer and the night was over.

On the ride home I was really beating myself up.  I felt so lame and unprofessional….I have no card, no beattape, no nothin.  On top of that I name dropped niggas that were not even important to that situation or convo.  Thank god I have an amazing wife- she calmed me down a bit and told me that god got it in control.  As soon as we got home she hop’d on the laptop and ordered me some business cards doe!!  lol!

Marc was interested in ME–  No one else, after praying about the nights events I had an honest moment with myself.  I was perplexed to why I resorted to the talent of my collaborators and why didn’t I tell him about my vision and goals?  I had worked for the past 6 years (at that time) chiseling and carving my production to a very fine point.  My production has launched artists to go on and do amazing things and create amazing art…man– That moment was a game changer.  That was a moment in which I found another level of art inside of me, and it became a challenge for me to prove I’m better than I think.

You know what?! There is a fine line between

Meekness and Insecurity

Confident and Cocky

Since that night years ago Ive steadily prayed to maintain evenmindedness with my talent–

This is my redirection and current mission/vision:

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven

Matthew 5:16


July 21

Mark your calendars

Keep it locked!




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