RESET DROP OUT part 2 + Journal Entry: “Soar”

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 4.20.35 PM




I intended for “Soar” to be the first track on reset because it was the first song I created after I had the idea for the album.  As I created beats I just felt like I wanted to push myself more and although this beat is fire– I scrapped it.  I absolutely love the verses and prolly will use them at a later date for something especially the second verse!  I actually have a version of this song with Wanda Jae singing on it so this could possibly land on her album.  5 days until the reset and I couldn’t be more excited– so much good news on this record and I feel like its a new beginning for me as a producer.

My bro LC reminds me often that with god there are no limits–  none.  He is the ultimate creator so he understands us…I believe he wants us to impress him!  As a producer, when I create a instrumental I know how I want it to impact– that doesn’t always mean it impacts people that way because I cannot control the feelings of others. But every now and then things like this happen

Incredible!!!  I had no idea those instrumentals would deeply impact someone so much that they would play at a loved ones home going.

Sometimes I have fun and imagining how God looks at us sometimes– like..he built us to be great right?!  Some of us push the limits of our being and explore more and others just let it widdle away.

keep exploring beloved



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