Damn Gina (Instrumental Lp)


When I heard the news that Gina had passed away I immediately thought of you all along with other friends and family. I met Gina around the time I was introduced to HIp Hop and hot wings (06-07). Our relationship was never romantic or physical at all– we just clicked as friends. Gina would swing through and chill as I made beats and watched Martin, I was so new with the mpc at the time man…I really sucked my beats back then were absolutely awful lol. She would dig some of them but overall we just vibed out…talked on the phone more than anything tho. Its crazy when I think back on those times because she was in my life for a short season, and for no reason (positive or negative) we just drifted apart.

When I found out that she had passed away my heart fell to the floor–damn gina. More than 8 years had past since Id last seen her….. … .. . It hit me rough during my downtime or while making beats, the fact that Ill never get a chance to catch up with her again like… Ill never run into her at a show or through the homie or somn. I began to think about all the people I tagged in this post and all of the great times I had with them back in the day and let that fuel the music.

Im really proud of this project! Its a play on musical texture, Hip hop and Jazz. Although I am a sample based producer Damn Gina is 90% original composition. Took bit longer for me to make, but gave me alot of freedom creating from scratch. In the spirit of Thanks Giving… I am so blessed and thankful for you all.

To Gina’s family and close friends:
My heart and prayers are still going out with yall as it was a few years back! Although I only new Gina for a brief season of my life she made and impact on me– and by creating this album I wanted to share her impact on me with you.

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