ConductorNotes No.323 #PositiveVibesMatter (Instrumental)



It has indeed been a while since ive dropped new music!!  So many things have changed in my life!  For those that havent been following me on twitter or IG– I met a beautiful woman that I love very much and we have settled down and are now new parents!!  Being a parent is the most awesome challenge Ive ever had.  I also went back to school for audio mastering and that was a doozy too sheesh so much math and science, but overall it has made me a better music producer and Im stoked to share my services with those that need it.

I started this EP a little bit ago and have been sitting on it.  My man Ryan down at Mills Record Company laced me with about 15-20 soul gospel records from the early 1970’s– ABSOLUTE HEAT!!  My goodness.  Also while out in Oakland I visited Vamp Records and cop’d a few soul gospel records too.  Before I knew it I had a full crate of these gospel records and finally got time to sit down to listen.

These albums were so anointed!!  The songs were so soulful and positive–  I decided that I would take more of a Donuts approach to the instrumentals and chop and loop vocal phrases to create mini mantras.  I wanted more feel than bang– I also wanted this instrumental to be a quick reminder to you, a reminder that prayers (positive vibes) are important and God is listening.

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