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Kansas City’s award-winning producer/mastering engineer, ConductorWilliams has been providing quality hip-hop music and instrumentals from the Midwest for the past eight years.   Formerly known as “D/WILL,” ConductorWilliams has appeared on many of the top Internet blogs, gaining notoriety amongst the music industry’s elites and veterans. Since 2008 ConductorWilliams has produced, recorded and mastered nearly 50 albums, gaining a vast amount of field experience. In 2015 ConductorWilliams opened his own studio, The Depot, where local and National artists have come for quality recording and master engineering needs.




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  1. Falling Back to Earth has the best production of any of Milk’s previous work. I have produced 6 tracks for Milk for an upcoming release. I was wondering if you have heard any of the tracks and if you have any advice from an established producer to one who is just starting. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing more of your work.

  2. I was just googling through the net and I came across your blog. I really dig that Happy Hour joint you got there, keep up the good work. You got a real creative style. Check out my own music, I think you might dig it. Maybe we could could collaborate sometime. Anyways, here it is:

    Have a good one,

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