Depot Academy Producer Camp 2017


It’s official!!  Registration for my first music producer camp is now available!  This camp has been in the works for the past 6 months or so and I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach and mentor.  Huge thanks to the homie Brotha Newz for seeing the vision and helping me organize.  I will be holding 2 camps, June 2017 and July 2017. Only 8 students per month tho’ so register ASAP to secure your spot.  I’d love to have more students but I want to be able to have more one on one with each student.  Camp will be held for 4 weeks, three sessions per week; experience and interests will pair students. Native Instruments Maschine will be provided for students’ use while attending sessions.

Camp information pdf  DOWNLOAD

To register fill out and submit questionnaire form HERE

Start dates:

June 2017 Camp 6/5 – 6/30

July 2017 Camp 7/1 – 7/31

May 22 2017 (June Camp Registration Deadline)

June 12 2017 (July Camp Registration Deadline)

– Con





I’ve been seriously into the synth funk era for the past couple months!!  I love the poked out baselines and floating pads.  The best part about this era was the drums!!  They were awesome, big, and generic sounding– like they came straight from a keyboard.

The two sequence loop below is my interpretation thus far!

Had a lot of fun making this


Crate me #675 Cameo- Single Life


I’ve been exploring mid 80s funk for the past 2 months or so!  This joint right here doe–woooooooooo!!  Chunky, synthetic, funky, and aggressive.  Such a juxtaposition between the lyrics and instrumental that I love so much!!!  The break/bridge is too nasty “single guys clap your hands”  Really!!  Claps come in along with that hard synth stab and just bodies the record.  Drums are big and “stadium-like”  I spent some time in my vinyl room dancing to this and its hard not break out in one of them goofy pharrell dances!  Blessings! #CrateMe


Crate Me #456: Sly and the Family Stone- Just Like a Baby

The first 16 measure bring tears to my eyes and makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  Look— The groove is so simple… the guitar/clav and bass line are doing this call and response thing.. and the organ/electric piano pad is holding down the atmosphere.  The texture of sly’s vocals are rivaling the guitar freq… butter man straight butter– no bread, no baked potato….LOL

Art at its finest!!

Crate Me!