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Art of Sampling I


Hip-hop had been founded on the instrumental breaks of funk and rock tracks since the ’70s, and pre-sampling records like The Sugar hill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight and West Street Mob’s Break Dance utilized session musicians replaying famous grooves, or turntables cutting up breaks. Now producers could simply sample their favorite parts of songs and cut them up in exciting new ways.

This workshop is designed to introduce the fundamentals of music production with an emphasis on sampling.   If you are a newbie, you will have starting place for what gear (software, drum machines, monitors ect) you should buy and more!


  • Record digging & Record Stores (Value)
  • Fundamentals of Music Production
  • Sample Based Production Techniques (MPC vs Maschine)



Crate Me #499 Bobby Bland- I wouldn’t Treat a Dog


The hit on this record is “aint no love in the heart of the city” which Kanye West murdered for the Jay Z hit “heart of the city”.  But Bobby Bland’s Dreamer record has Joints on it!!!!  This record is in my top 25 albums of all time– and my favorite song on here is “I wouldn’t treat a dog”  The pain and disgust in his voice– I think every man has felt like this… its like your so mad that you can’t believe it.  Comedian Dane Cook has a great bit on this moment.

Great groove from the roll tom snare roll in –horns on 1…sheesh CRATE ME